​How Booonk got started

   I came to New York City in 2004 from Mexico City, with my wife and daughter to work in advertising -- I'm an artist who has trained in industrial and graphic design. We moved to Park Slope, which everyone told me was great for kids. We love everything about it... except maybe the small apartments... 

In 2009, after 5 years, I left advertising to start my own business doing something I enjoy more, and that gives me more time with my family.

By the time our third child arrived our second bedroom got smaller everyday. I wanted to create a multifunctional space for them to sleep & play especially during the winter time, that's how our booonk© was born. 

   Our first Booonk© was born out of our own family's need to fit our three children into a small bedroom apartment and it was a success with three of my toughest critics: my daughter who is 8, and my active boys who are 2 and 5. Designing the Booonk© allowed us to give them all a comfortable sleeping area and extra room space for fun, play and storage.  

(Added bonus:  my wife loves me even more!). 

I have now gone on to build custom Booonk's© in small apartments around NYC.

Contact me and I would be happy to come over and help you create

a multifunctional bedroom for you and your kids.


peace Ra.

BOOONKS are made to be movable.

Because they are custom-made they can be adapted to any room. If you are moving give us a call, we can reuse and recycle the materials for a new room.

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Our 2015 booonk

Made with wood from our previous bed and recycled wood an materials.